Chinese School Of Tomorrow


Curriculums /Activities

Chinese School of Tomorrow focused on teaching simplified Chinese characters and modern Chinese Pin-Yin.  We also introduce Chinese culture and history through various activities.  Our goal is to help the students understanding the Chinese tradition, culture and history while they learning the Chinese language.  

There are two semesters in the school year, the spring semester and the fall semester.  Please reference the School Calendar for the details of the school days.  School session runs from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.  

Currently we have 7 classes. The formation of the class is based on the student’s age and his/her proficiency in Chinese.  Please see details for each class:

1.     Beginning Class 1 (B1: Student age 5-6)

Use textbook 《美洲华语》 (CHINESE) Book One

2.     Beginning Class 2 (B2: Student age 6-7)

Use textbook 《美洲华语》 (CHINESE) Book Two

3.     Beginning Class 3 (B3: Student age 7-9)

Use textbook 《美洲华语》(CHINESEBook Three

4.     Beginning Class 4 (B4: Student age 8-10)

Use textbook 《美洲华语》(CHINESEBook Four

5.     Beginning Class 5 (B5: Student age 9-10)

Use textbook 《美洲华语》 (CHINESE) Book Five

6.     Intermediate Class 1  (I1: Student age 9-12)

Use textbook 《美洲华语》(CHINESEBook Six

7.     Intermediate Class 2 (I2: Student age 12-14)

Use textbook 《美洲华语》 (CHINESE) Book Seven

      8.     Intermediate Class 3 (I3: Student age 13-15)

Use textbook 《美洲华语》 (CHINESE) Book Eight